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SMARTcare is an award-winning home healthcare platform. The business revolves around their app which, in turn, makes the website their main marketing tool. COVID-19 offered a unique opportunity for SMARTcare and the goal was to capitalize on this momentum.

Custom WordPress Website Design & Development - SMARTcare Software

An overview of the main challenges.

In reality, such was the condition of the existing website, we had to completely redesign and rebuild everything from the ground up.

The CTAs on the existing site were either too generic or missing altogether, leaving plenty of lead generation opportunities on the table. All the website traffic was previously able to connect with the brand and leave without offering the opportunity for SMARTcare to start nurturing a relationship with leads.

And, speaking more generally, because of the important, pivotal role that the SMARTcare website played in their operation, I had a number of key responsibilities.

Technical SEO had to be on-point, the lead generation side of the operation needed to be effective and fully functioning, plus the client also needed ready-made landing pages for all their current and future PPC campaigns.

SMARTcare needed a website that was able to deliver a range of tactics. Interestingly, COVID-19 offered a unique opportunity for SMARTcare. Unlike other industries, where businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, SMARTcare’s business went through the roof.

I wanted to capitalize on this momentum and allow them to make the most of the innovative COVID-related features that they added to their app last summer. Website success is about focusing on strengths and I quickly recognized that one of them was their quick response to the pandemic.

Custom WordPress Website Design & Development - Mobile App Page - SMARTcare Software
Custom WordPress Website Design & Development - Contact Page - SMARTcare Software

The problem with SMARTcare’s previous website.

I believe that every design job should begin with a thorough audit and analysis.

SMARTcare already had a WordPress site, but it was built on a ready-to-use theme with generic templates. This meant they had to create content to fit the design, not develop a design to meet their business goals and needs.

In addition to this, the existing site was full of plugins and bloatware, which made it impossible to maintain. It was more than clear that SMARTcare needed a website built with longevity in mind.

Both parties agreed that for the goals to be met, I had to essentially strip away what was there and work on the new site from the ground up.

WordPress Website Design & Development - Mobile Mockup - SMARTcare Software
WordPress Website Design & Development - Mobile Mockup - SMARTcare Software
WordPress Website Design & Development - Mobile Mockup - SMARTcare Software

Developing a winning formula.

I always suggest and create what’s best for the business, rather than project my own opinions. In terms of the digital presence, I also like to offer an intuitive and holistic view of the company where possible.

For instance, early on I noticed that there was no consistency between their various marketing channels. With that in mind, we came up with a color palette and a basic style guide that could be used at every touchpoint. It’s a small move that can yield much better brand awareness.

Next, I wanted to make sure that the website was laser-focused, so I ensured that everything on it served a single purpose – to encourage and allow the visitor to request a demo.

This was to be the main CTA and the design of a simple, yet effective, landing page was a huge success. Having dramatically cut down on wasted ad spend, there is now a steady conveyor belt of fresh leads flowing into the business on autopilot.

We also agreed that it would be a good idea to design some bespoke pages to promote COVID-related features that were added to their app last summer. These proved to be incredibly effective.

Custom WordPress Website Design & Development - Features Section - SMARTcare Software
Custom WordPress Website Design & Development - CTA Section - SMARTcare Software

Design from scratch.

I always like to create and develop websites from scratch. This approach allows me to ensure that the website meets every business goal and need. At the start of every project, I do my due diligence so that I completely understand the market my client operates in and the target audience.

Custom WordPress development.

We made a custom theme, with everything planned around the native WordPress Gutenberg editor. No builders were used, nor did I use an excessive amount of plug-ins. The website is lean, secure and it’s been built with longevity in mind.

Hubspot integration.

When someone handles everything through Hubspot, it’s imperative to set everything up right. If the technical side of things fails, form tracking breaks and lead generation grinds to a halt. I’ve got a lot of experience with setting up websites to integrate with third-party marketing tools and I was able to deliver a website without interrupting any automated funnels.

Effective landing pages.

SMARTcare’s team has created a number of ebooks, so I needed to design and develop high-converting lead generation landing pages. This aspect of the project included the requirement for bespoke landing pages for special COVID-related marketing.

The transformation.

The new website is an effective addition to SMARTcare Software, something that contributes to helping the business flourish on a daily basis.

What’s interesting about this project is that adding special COVID-19 landing pages was a simple task from a technical perspective, but it’s something that has added a lot of value to the business.

This cements my view that, where possible, we should look to make asymmetric business decisions – small tweaks that can offer massive growth.

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